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Grandmaster Gilman with the class

Pictures of the Taekwon Do  class with GrandMaster Gillman. Click the above picture for more pictures.


Kim's Taekwon Do, based out of Portland Oregon, is the largest Taekwon Do federation in the Pacific Northwest.
All of our schools are supervised by Grandmaster Hong Sik Kim, who ensures that high standards are maintained
by all students and instructors. Kim's Taekwon Do schools practice traditional Taekwon Do in a non-contact
environment. Through non-contact training, students learn to control themselves both mentally and physically
without fear of injury. All Kim's Taekwon Do schools are dedicated to Progress, Peace, and Love.

Who are we?

Follow this link to learn more about Taekwon Do.

How to find us

Classes are held at Ewa Beach Community Park on 91-955 North Road, Ewa Beach, 96706. It is across the street from James Campbell High School
We are located in the second floor studio.


Kim’s Taekwon Do 

Dedicated to Progress, Peace, and Love

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